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Version 3.0 with 12 Questions Now Available!

What's New:

12 question format (starting April 19, 2018)
Reviewing past challenge results (up to 7 days)
Status for past quizzes (Not Started, Incomplete, Results)
The ability to Email challenge results
New menus and UI improvements
All guest limitations removed


How will I know when it's available?
You'll receive a popup on your app with a link to the update. A link will also be posted on our website, Twitter and Facebook page.

Is updating mandatory?
No, you can still play version 2.0 as long as you want. Please note that you will only be allowed to play 8 questions, not 12, so your max score will be lower then users playing version 3.0.

If I upgrade, can I play challenges before the 19th?
Yes, you'll be able to play old challenges (up to 7 days).

Why we are the #1 Daily News Quiz

Newsmeister’s Daily News Quiz is a free, short, daily news quiz that takes less than 3 minutes to play, and offers news junkies worldwide a chance to outscore their friends.

Questions focus on trending global news, covering categories such as Sports, Business, Politics, Technology, Entertainment, Science, and Literature.

All questions are fact-based, not pulled from op-ed sections. Once an answer is revealed, a link to the source is provided so that users can read the full article.

Attention Teachers! It's the perfect student news quiz.

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